Landscaping FAQs

How can I stop weeds?

Weeds can be a problem but can be reduced by regular mowing once a week other wise if this gets out of control BNE can look your weed problems.

How long does it take to replace Lawn?

BNE expert turf division can turn your tired weed infested bare lawn into a lush manicured lawn for the average backyard within two days.

How often should I water my Lawn?

We recommend to keep your lawn looking its best in the summer months to deep water your lawn , which in the long run encourage deep root growth there fore a better looking lawn in the future, for example we recommend to water your lawn 2-3 times per week for at least 30 mins per move of the sprinkler to encourage a good soak or your lawn and adding wetting agents in the warmer months.

Should there be bugs in my Lawn?

Lawn grubs in the warmer months such as army worm which look like a caterpillar with stripe on there back or black beetle can cause significant damage if not treated early. BNE can apply a pesticide to solve your bug problem.

What is wrong with my Lawn?

If your lawn is in need of some TLC we can solve your problem. We start by undertaking soil test to identify the Ph of your lawn to identify what nutrients your lawn is lacking. A test result between 6 and 7 is ideal for most nutrients to be readily absorbed. Soil pH is an indication of the acidity or alkanlity of the soil which is measured in pH units. Less than 6. is acidic and 7 alkaline.

If your soil is alkaline, it means it has a high pH. We can increase the acidity of your soil by adding gypsum . If your soil test indicates that your soil pH is too low which mean acidic we would add agricultural lime or dolomite. Once the soil test identifies if any nutrient deficiency BNE can tailor a fertilise program for your lawn every 6 -8 weeks to have your lawn looking the best all year round and a 3 monthly fertilise program for your plants and plants looking green and healthy all year round.

What type of Lawn do you recommend?

We recommend Sir Walter buffalo for harsh Australian conditions. The Sir Walter once established tolerate shades to full sun, being low maintenance is great for the Australian backyard.

When should I mow my Lawn?

For a healthy vigorous lawn we recommend you cut your lawn weekly in the growing months, September through to April for buffalo being 40mm - 60mm.